90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Exercise of certain powers
   90.03   Keeping of certain animals prohibited
   90.04   Inoculation of dogs; inoculation tag affixed to collars
   90.05   Inoculation to be performed by licensed veterinarian; issuance of certificate
   90.06   Duration of inoculation
   90.07   Exhibition of certificate on request
   90.08   Restraint of dogs and other animals
   90.09   Animals as nuisances
   90.10   Keeping animals
   90.11   Biting animals
   90.12   Confinement; warning of dangerous animals
   90.13   Killing or attacking animals
   90.14   Cruelty to animals
   90.15   Cock fighting; dog fighting
   90.16   Dead animals
   90.17   Injured animals; animals found dead on public way
   90.18   Interference with enforcement
   90.19   Authority to impound animals and enter onto private property
   90.20   Impoundment of dogs or other animals which have bitten persons
   90.21   Notice to owners or keepers of impoundment and violation
   90.22   Redemption of impounded animals
   90.23   Vicious dog (animals)
   90.24   Dangerous dog (animal) determination
   90.25   Dangerous dog; leash
   90.26   Dangerous dog; appeal
   90.27   Disposition of animals
   90.99   Penalties and enforcement
   Appendix A:  Notice of impoundment of animal