(A)   Citations in ordinance violation cases.
      (1)   For violations of this chapter other than violations relating to dangerous, vicious, and biting dogs and other animals, village police officers are authorized to issue citations.  Citations shall be issued on forms approved by the Chief of Police and shall be served personally on the violator, left with a responsible family member of at least 13 years of age at the home of the violator, or mailed to the residence of the violator.
      (2)   On receipt of any citation alleging violation of any section of this chapter, the violator may pay one-half of the minimum fine provided in this chapter at the village hall within 10 working days of issuance of the citation, and in such event, the village will not prosecute the ordinance violation. After 10 working days but before filing of an action with the circuit court of the county, an alleged violator may avoid prosecution under this chapter by paying the full minimum fine applicable to the violation at the village hall.
   (B)   Prosecution of violations.
      (1)   The village may by its attorney file a complaint and prosecute any alleged violation of this chapter:
         (a)   Where a citation has been issued, after 10 working days have elapsed from the date of issuance of a citation;
         (b)   Where no citation has been issued, at any time.
      (2)   In addition to the penalties set forth in this chapter, the village may pursue any and all other remedies available under state law, including but not limited to bringing actions to abate nuisances and seeking the destruction of dangerous or vicious animals.
   (C)   Fines and penalties.  Any person found to have violated this chapter shall, in addition to boarding costs and impoundment fees required herein, be fined as follows:
      (1)   For any violation of any section of this chapter other than those pertaining to vicious, dangerous, or biting animals, penalties shall be as follows:
         (a)   Fifty dollars for the first offense;
         (b)   Seventy-five dollars for the second and subsequent offense.
      (2)   For violation of any section of this chapter pertaining to vicious, dangerous, or biting animals not less than $250 or more than $750 for each offense.
      (3)   Each day an offense continues shall be considered a separate offense.
(Ord. 05-31, passed 7-26-05)