The developer shall design and construct an enclosed storm sewer system for all proposed development projects.  The proposed system shall provide for the proper drainage of storm water from the development project, and each lot or building site as may be contained therein.  When, in the opinion of the Municipal Engineer, the proposed system is inadequate for the site conditions or municipal design standards, then the Approving Authority may require that additional improvements be designed and constructed by the developer to meet the requirements of the Municipal Ordinances and other related municipal standards, specifications, regulations and requirements.
(Ord. 1327. Passed 5-9-91; Am. Ord. 1926. Passed 7-8-99.)
   (a)   When enclosed Municipal storm sewers do not exist along the existing public street, or streets, providing access to the subject property the developer shall be required to install, and dedicate to public use, an enclosed storm sewer. The required storm sewer shall be installed within the right-of-way or easement for said street; on the same side of the street as the subject project and between the property lines of the subject property.  The design criteria and installation shall conform to Section 929.61 (Public Storm Sewers).  A manhole inlet shall be provided within the right of way at the upstream end, or ends, of said enclosed storm sewer. The point of discharge and improvements required therefor shall, at a minimum, be in accordance with Section 929.60 (Storm Sewer Outfalls).
      (Ord. 1378.  Passed 05-14-92.)
   (b)   The developer may be required by the Municipal Approving Authority to deed lands in fee simple, or grant an easement to the Municipality, for any storm water drainage improvements (see Sections 929.52 (Dedication to Public Use) and 929.33 (Easements And Rights Of Way)).
      (Ord. 1327.  Passed 5-9-91.)