When storm sewers are required to be installed and dedicated to public use they shall further conform to the following requirements:
   (a)   The proposed sewer shall be enclosed.
   (b)   Easements or rights of way shall be required.
   (c)   The proposed storm sewer system shall have a design capacity capable of serving the drainage area of which it is a part and the drainage area of any part of the existing municipal system which may be connected thereto.
   (d)   The developer shall provide for the connection of other existing or future storm sewers at such points upon the subject development  property,  or in the public right of way immediately adjacent thereto, as may be reasonably required by the Approving Authority.
   (e)   When the storm sewer is not connected to an enclosed municipal storm sewer the point of discharge shall conform to the requirements of Section 929.60 (Storm Sewer Outfalls).
   (f)   The developer shall not be required to pay for construction costs associated with design standards which are in excess of those required for the subject development project. Such additional costs may be assessed by Council to all benefited property owners in accordance with the procedures for same as provided for by law.
      (Ord. 1327.  Passed 5-9-91.)