When a proposed storm sewer does not discharge into an enclosed municipal storm sewer, the point of discharge shall conform to the requirements set forth herein.  The developer shall provide and install headwall, erosion control and other associated and necessary improvements required by the Municipal Approving Authority, at the approved point of discharge in accordance with the standards set forth in Section 929.31 (Design Standards).
   (a)   Where a water course or drainage way that is not designated by the Municipal Master Storm Drainage Plan as a receiving waterway, exists upon a subject development property, private storm sewers required on said property may be discharged within said water course or drainage way when approved by the Municipal Approving Authority.
   (b)   Where a drainage way that is designated by the Municipal Storm Water Drainage Plan as a receiving waterway exists upon a subject development property the proposed storm sewer may discharge within the required easement for said waterway. Further the Approving Authority may require that the proposed storm sewer, or a portion thereof, be dedicated to public use  for the purpose of connecting the Municipal storm sewer system to said receiving waterway. The subject storm sewer, or designated portion thereof, shall conform to Section 929.61 (Public Storm Sewers).
      (Ord. 1327.  Passed 5-9-91.)