General Provisions
   52.001   Definitions
   52.002   Unlawful disposal of wastes
   52.003   Unlawful wastewater disposal methods
   52.004   Wastewater treatment required
   52.005   Connection to public sewer required when
Private Systems
   52.020   Use of private wastewater disposal system when
   52.021   Permit; application; fee
   52.022   Specifications
   52.023   Inspection
   52.024   Connection to sewer when
   52.025   Operation and maintenance responsibility
   52.026   Additional requirements authorized when
Use Regulations
   52.040   Building sewer permit; required when
   52.041   Building sewer permit; classes; application; fee
   52.042   Building sewer; costs borne by owner; indemnification of city
   52.043   Separate building sewers required; exceptions
   52.044   Use of old building sewers permitted when
   52.045   Building sewer; materials and installation
   52.046   Building sewer; location of building connection
   52.047   Connecting certain drains to building sewer unlawful
   52.048   Building sewer; connection to public sewer; specifications
   52.049   Building sewer; inspection prior to connection
   52.050   Building sewer; safety barricades and lights for excavations
   52.051   Injuring and destroying wastewater facilities unlawful
   52.052   Right of entry for inspection; easements
   52.053   Liability limitations for city work on private property
   52.065   Discharging unpolluted waters to public sewers unlawful; exceptions
   52.066   Unpolluted waters; discharge to storm sewers
   52.067   Prohibited discharges designated
   52.068   Restricted discharges designated
   52.069   Restricted discharges; acceptance or rejection conditions
   52.070   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   52.071   Pretreatment and flow-equalizing facilities; maintenance and operation
   52.072   Waste sampling facilities required when
   52.073   Discharge information provided by sewer users when
   52.074   Confidentiality of discharge information
   52.075   Measurement, test and analysis standards
   52.076   Special arrangements for discharge authorized when
   52.999   Penalty