§ 151.125 ENFORCEMENT.
   (A)   Any step in the enforcement process may be taken at any time, depending on the severity of the violation.
   (B)   The county may, for enforcement purposes, use any one or a combination of the following actions:
      (1)   When the county determines that a violation of the approved SWM plan, any provisions of this chapter, or any regulations has occurred, on site personnel and the property owner shall be notified in writing of the violation with a stop work order posted on the site. The notice shall describe the required corrective action, and specify the time period in which the violation shall be corrected;
      (2)   Bonds or securities shall be withheld or the case may be referred for legal action if reasonable efforts to correct the violation have not been undertaken;
      (3)   In addition to other sanctions, a civil action or criminal prosecution may be brought against any person in violation of the state law, the Design Manual, or this chapter;
      (4)   If a person is working without SWM approval, the county shall post a stop work order on the site except activity necessary to provide erosion and sediment control. The stop work order shall remain in effect until approval is obtained; and/or
      (5)   The county may deny the issuance of any permit or stormwater management approval on any project to an applicant when the county determines that the applicant has failed to comply with the provisions of any SWM plan or this chapter.
(2004 Code, § 191-26) (Ord. 01-12, passed 9-27-2001; Ord. 04-07, passed 4-1-2004; Ord. 07-08, passed 5-3-2007; Ord. 2010-05, passed 4-29-2010)