(A)   No new connection to a CS4 may be effected without prior approval of the county.
   (B)   No person may:
      (1)   Discharge any significant materials or pollutant into any component of any CS4 that would constitute an illicit discharge;
      (2)   Continue any illicit discharge to any CS4;
      (3)   Create any condition that may result in an illicit discharge or pollution of stormwater conveyed and discharged from any outfall of those systems;
      (4)   Cause or contribute to any type of illicit discharge into a CS4 or watercourse that may result in a potential for adverse impact;
      (5)   Alter or create an obstruction to flow of a CS4 or watercourse that reduces its capacity or ability to provide its intended design capacity or natural function; or
      (6)   Create a new connection or maintain a connection that may introduce any discharge other than stormwater into any CS4 or watercourse.
   (C)   The construction, use, maintenance or continued existence of illicit connections to the storm drain system is prohibited.
(2004 Code, § 105-3) (Ord. 04-03, passed 4-1-2004)