The following discharges are exempt from the prohibitions established by this chapter:
   (A)   Water line flushing or other potable water sources;
   (B)   Landscape irrigation or lawn watering;
   (C)   Permitted diverted stream flows;
   (D)   Rising groundwater;
   (E)   Groundwater infiltration to storm drains;
   (F)   Uncontaminated pumped groundwater;
   (G)   Uncontaminated discharge from foundation drains or pumps;
   (H)   Air conditioning condensation;
   (I)   Springs;
   (J)   Noncommercial washing of vehicles;
   (K)   Natural riparian habitat or wetland flows;
   (L)   Firefighting activities;
   (M)   Any water source not containing pollutants;
   (N)   Discharges specified in writing by the authorized enforcement agency as being necessary to protect public health and safety;
   (O)   Dye testing with prior verbal notification to the authorized enforcement agency; and
   (P)   Any nonstormwater discharge legally permitted under a NPDES permit issued by the Maryland Department of the Environment, provided that the discharger is in full compliance with all requirements of the issued permit and with all other applicable laws and regulations and with prior written approval of discharge to the CS4.
(2004 Code, § 105-4) (Ord. 04-03, passed 4-1-2004)