Supplementary Regulations
1274.01   Prohibited uses.
1274.03   Permitted obstructions within required setbacks or other related open space.
1274.05   Supplementary height regulations.
1274.07     Temporary buildings and enclosures and outdoor sales activities.
1274.08   Mobile food vending.
1274.09     Family day care home.
1274.11     Home occupations.
1274.13     Fences and walls in residential districts.
1274.15     Swimming pools.
1274.17     Parking and usage of recreational vehicles in residential districts.
1274.19   Additional regulations regarding motor vehicles in residential zoning districts.
1274.21     Lot regulations.
1274.23     Proximity of buildings to existing gas and/or oil wells.
1274.25   Requirements for owners associations.
1274.27     General district regulations.
1274.29     Performance standards.
1274.31     Visibility at intersections.
1274.33   Animals; kennels.