The following are permitted obstructions within required setbacks or other required open space, subject to the height and lot coverage regulations of this Code, provided they are so located that natural light and ventilation are not obstructed from the principal building or any adjoining property.
   (a)   Architectural Features.  Architectural features that are attached to the principal building, such as sills, belt-courses, cornices, chimneys, extending not more than one (1) foot into a required setback;
   (b)   Fixed and Retractable Awnings. Fixed and retractable awnings and canopies extending not more than two (2) feet into a required setback;
   (c)   Window air conditioners extending into the required setback;
   (d)   Chimneys projecting no more than one (1) foot into a required setback;
   (e)   Eaves, gutters or downspouts projecting no more than eighteen (18) inches into required setback;
   (f)   Walls and fences as per Section 1274.13.
   (g)   Unenclosed steps, including fire escapes, may be allowed in the required front, rear or side setbacks, provided, however that steps and/or fire escapes shall be no closer than two (2) feet from the side lot line; and
   (h)   Unroofed entrance features, such as a platform, landing, steps, terrace or other features such as an unroofed deck not extending above the first floor level of a building, may extend ten (10) feet into the required front setback and three (3) feet into the required side setback.  A roofed entry, porch, deck, steps, landing, patio, fire escape, terrace or similar roofed structure shall not be permitted to project into any required setback area.
(Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)