(a)   Required Setbacks to be Maintained.  The required setbacks surrounding an existing building shall not be separated in ownership from that portion of the lot upon which the building is located, and no part shall be considered as providing a required setback for any other existing building on the same or on an adjacent lot.  A setback shall not be reduced in any manner to less than the required dimensions for the district in which it is located, and a setback of less than the required dimensions shall not be further reduced in any manner unless otherwise noted in this Code.  Every required setback shall be open and unobstructed from the ground, except for accessory structures as set forth in this Code and the regulations in Section 1274.03 and as per the parking setbacks in Chapter 1284.
   (b)   When one or more buildings, or parts thereof, are constructed or enlarged so as to cross one or more lot lines in the same ownership, all such lots shall be replatted into one lot provided all other zoning and subdivision regulations are met.
   (c)   Required Lot Area to be Maintained.  A parcel of land may be subdivided into two (2)  or more parcels, provided all lots resulting from such division shall conform to all the lot area and width regulations of the district in which it is located.  A lot of record which conformed to the provisions of this Code or any amendments thereto which affected its conformity shall not be reduced in any manner which would make it nonconforming.
   (d)   One Dwelling on Lot.  No single family detached dwelling or two-family dwelling shall be constructed on a lot upon which a principal building already exists except in accordance with Chapter 1266.  New multi-family, apartments and townhouses, complexes may be erected with more than one principal building to the lot or parcel per Chapter 1264.  Commercial, industrial or institutional buildings may be erected with more than one principal building on a lot or parcel providing they are all under the same ownership.
   (e)   Non-single Family Uses with Frontage on More Than One Street.  Lots having frontage on more than one street shall provide the required front setback along each street.  On a corner lot, front setbacks shall be required on both street frontages, and one yard other than the front yards shall be deemed to be a rear yard and the other or others, side yards.  For new construction, the decision as to which is rear versus side yard is that of the owner. 
(Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)