No land or structure in any zoning district shall be used or occupied in any manner to create a dangerous or objectionable condition, substance or element, in such a manner or in such amount to adversely affect the adjoining premises or surrounding area.  All uses, except those in Industrial Districts which must comply with the performance standards in Chapter 1270, shall comply with the following performance standards:
   (a)   Americans with Disabilities Act.  All uses shall comply with all applicable requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and all other applicable federal, state, and county regulations.
   (b)   Lighting and Glare.  All exterior lighting and conditions that generate glare shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 1282.
   (c)   Heat.  No use shall generate heat that is perceptible without the aid of instruments at any point beyond the lot occupied by the use.
   (d)   Vibration.  Vibrations, which are perceptible without the aid of instruments, shall not be permitted beyond the lot occupied by the use generating such vibration.
   (e)   Odors.  No use shall emit malodorous gas or matter that is discernible on any adjoining lot or property.
   (f)   Air Pollution
      (1)   The emission of smoke, soot, fly ash, fumes and dust shall be controlled by precipitation devices, height of stack, rate of emission or other manner so that the quantity deposited in any District shall not be detrimental to or endanger the public safety, comfort, welfare or adversely affect property values. In addition, no use shall emit fly ash, dust, vapors or other substances that are harmful to health, animals, vegetation or other property or which can cause excessive soiling.
      (2)   Dust and other types of air pollution borne by the wind from sources such as parking areas, storage areas or yards shall be kept to a minimum by appropriate landscaping, paving, oiling or other acceptable treatment.
   (g)   Fire Hazards.  Flammable or explosive materials shall only be permitted in structures having incombustible exterior walls.
   (h)   Storage Handling.  Storage handling and use of flammable liquids shall comply with regulations as set forth in the most recent Bulletin of the National Fire Protective Association. Storage of other materials in yards or structures shall comply with other fire protective codes of Carlisle and all parts shall be accessible to firefighting equipment.
   (i)   Solid Waste.  Solid waste, including empty packing crates and other excess materials, shall not be allowed to accumulate on a lot and shall be disposed of on a regular basis or enclosed within a wall or fence.
   (j)   Liquid Waste. If liquid wastes are disposed of in containers, they shall be appropriate containers, and the wastes shall be removed from the site on a regular basis.  Liquid waste or sewerage shall not be discharged into a reservoir, stream, or other open body of water or into a storm or sanitary sewer except as allowed by other codes of the Municipality of Carlisle, County, State or similar jurisdictional authority.
   (k)   Noxious, Toxic or Corrosive Fumes.  Noxious, toxic or corrosive fumes or gasses shall not be emitted which shall be injurious to the property, vegetation or health of the people residing in any adjacent residential district.
   (l)   Radioactive or Electrical Disturbances. Radioactive emissions or electrical discharges shall be confined to the use and lot from which they originate and shall not occur across any lot line.
   (m)   Infectious and Medical Waste Materials.  The storage, incineration or disposal of infectious or medical waste materials in such a manner or in such quantities as to produce a public nuisance or a hazard to the public health and welfare of the community shall not be permitted. 
      (Ord. 8-13. Passed 5-14-13.)