11.10.010      Definitions.
   11.10.020      Declaration of Public Nuisance.
   11.10.030      Prohibition Against Causing or Attempting to Cause Graffiti.
   11.10.060      Furnishing or Selling Specific Types of Graffiti Implements to Minor.
   11.10.080      Removal of Graffiti.
   11.10.090      Volunteer Committees.
   11.10.100      Land-Use Permits.
   11.10.110      Determination and Recovery of Costs by Probation Officer from Minor of His/Her Parents.
   11.10.120      Recovery of Costs by Assessment or Liens on Minor or His/Her Parents Property.
   11.10.130      Penalties for Violation. Reward for Information.
   11.10.140      Ordinance Shall Work in Conjunction With State Statutes and Local Ordinances.