(1)   In lieu of calculating the amount of the development impact fee using the impact fee schedules in this chapter, an individual assessment of impact fees is permitted.
      A.   Individual Assessment Process: A fee payer may file a written request for an individual assessment of the development prior to the receipt of a building permit or other necessary approvals or entitlements from Canyon County. A request for an individual assessment process shall involve consideration of studies, data, and any other relevant information submitted by the fee payer to adjust the amount of the impact fee.
         1.   Each individual assessment request and supporting documentation submitted by the fee payer shall be based on the same level of service standards and unit costs for system improvements used in the applicable capital improvements plan, shall use an average cost (not a marginal cost) methodology, and shall document the relevant methodologies and assumptions used.
         2.   Each individual assessment request delivered to the County may then be accepted, rejected, or accepted with modifications as the basis for calculating the impact fee. The criteria for acceptance, rejection or acceptance with modifications shall be whether the individual assessment is a more accurate measure of demand for system improvements element(s) created by the proposed development, or the costs of those facilities, than the applicable fee shown in the fee schedule, based on the standards in § 67-8207, Idaho Code.
         3.   The impact fee administrator shall issue a written decision within thirty (30) days following receipt of a completed request for individual assessment together with all supporting information from the fee payer, so as not to unreasonably delay the developer's (fee payer's) subsequent applications to the County for building permits.
         4.   The decision on an application for an individual assessment shall include an explanation of the calculation of the impact fee, shall specify the system improvement(s) for which the impact fee is intended to be used, and shall include an explanation of those factors identified in Idaho Code § 67-8207. The impact fee administrator shall provide notice of final determination of an individual assessment to the fee payer and County.
         5.   If an individual assessment is accepted or accepted with modifications by the County then the impact fee due under this chapter for such development shall be calculated according to such individual assessment. (Ord. 20-018, 6-22-2020)