(1)   A fee payer may request a written certification of the impact fee schedule or individual assessment which shall establish the impact fee for that development. Such certification shall establish the impact fee so long as there is no material change to the particular development as identified in the individual assessment application, or the impact fee schedule. A certification may be applied for in the following manner:
      A.   Requests for certification shall be in writing and made to the County and impact fee administrator. Within thirty (30) days after receiving such request, the impact fee administrator shall issue a written certification of the amount of the impact fee due for the proposed development. The certification shall include an explanation of the calculation of the impact fee including an explanation of factors considered under Idaho Code § 67-8207 and shall also specify the system improvement(s) for which the impact fee is intended to be used. The impact fee administrator shall provide the certification to the fee payer and the County. (Ord. 20-018, 6-22-2020)