Income Tax
181.01   Purpose.
181.02   Definitions.
181.03   Imposition of tax.
181.04   Contract provision.
181.05   Return and payment of tax; refund.
181.06   Collection at source.
181.07   Declarations.
181.08   Duties of Treasurer and Income Tax Director.
181.09   Investigations; information confidential; penalty for divulgence; records to be kept for five years.
181.10   Penalties and interest.
181.11   Collection of unpaid taxes.
181.111   Refunds beyond the three-year period of limitations. (Repealed)
181.12   Violations; penalty.
181.13   Board of Review.
181.14   Allocation of funds.
181.15   Credit for tax paid to other municipality and Joint Economic Development District.
181.16   Collection of tax after termination of chapter.
181.17   Authority of City Treasurer to promulgate regulations.
Power to levy income tax - see Ohio Const., Art. XVIII, §3
Payroll deductions - see Ohio R. C. 9.42
Municipal income taxes - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 718