(a)   The Board of Building Appeals shall adopt rules and regulations of procedure, which it may, from time to time, change at its discretion. However, no rule or regulation shall be in conflict with any provision of Section 1305.02.
   (b)   Such rules and regulations shall fix the time and place of regular meetings, and shall provide for special meetings, for appeal procedures and for such other matters as are pertinent to the operation of the Board.
   (c)   Complete minutes shall be kept of every meeting, setting forth all business transacted and decisions made. In case an appeal is adverse to the appellant, the minutes shall contain the reason therefor. All minutes shall be signed by the secretary. A copy of the minutes shall be sent to the Chief Building Official or his designee, and to every appellant who has an interest therein.
(Ord. 126-93. Passed 6-29-93.)