(a)    In addition to all other enforcement and compliance measures, whenever the Director of Public Service or designee or any other officer having the right of enforcement of these standards and regulations is satisfied that any provision he has the right to enforce has been violated or is about to be violated in any respect, or that any order or direction made in pursuance of the enforcement of these standards and regulations has not been complied with, or is being disregarded, and whenever he is satisfied that civil proceedings are necessary for the enforcement thereof, or to prevent further violation or harm or threat of harm to the health, safety and welfare of persons or property, he may apply to the Law Director who is hereby authorized to institute civil proceedings. Such civil proceedings shall be brought in the name of the City. However, nothing in this section and no action taken thereunder shall be held to exclude such criminal proceedings as may be authorized under the Ohio Revised Code, or any of the laws in force to exempt anyone violating this Chapter or any part of such laws from any penalty which may be incurred.
(Ord. 225-2010. Passed 11-22-10.)
   (b)   Any proceeding brought or instituted pursuant to this section shall also include a claim for payment or reimbursement of any and all costs or obligations assessed or incurred or associated with any occurrence or event in violation of the provisions, standards and regulations established in this chapter. This specifically includes, but is not limited to, costs or obligations arising directly or indirectly or by or through a third party agency or business such as “Hazmat” and any administrative monetary penalties assessed and or other costs imposed pursuant to Section 961.99 of this chapter.
(Ord. 200-2009. Passed 10-5-09.)