The Director of Public Service or designee may apply to any court of record within his jurisdiction for an administrative inspection warrant pursuant to Ohio R.C. 2933.21 (F), under any of the following circumstances:
   (a)    If any inspection required pursuant to law is refused, hindered or thwarted by the owner or the agent of the owner; or
   (b)    If in the opinion of the Director of Public Service or designee an inspection is necessary to determine the existence of articulable physical conditions which are or may become hazardous to the public health, safety or welfare of any person or persons; or
   (c)    The Director of Public Service or designee has reason to believe that hazardous or dangerous conditions exist, that there are conditions existing which constitute a violation of this Chapter, or reason to believe that there is non-compliance or lack of maintenance of previously imposed storm water management requirements. (Ord. 225-2010. Passed 11-22-10.)