(a)   Compliance with the provisions of this chapter shall not relieve any person from responsibility for damage to any person otherwise imposed by law. The provisions of this chapter are promulgated to promote the health, safety and welfare of the public and are not designed for the benefit of any individual or for the benefit of any particular parcel of property.
   (b)   The provisions of this chapter shall not be construed as authorizing any person to maintain a nuisance on a property, and compliance with the provisions of this chapter shall not be a defense in any action to abate such a nuisance.
   (c)   Failure of the City of Canton to observe or recognize hazardous or unsightly conditions or to recommend corrective measures shall not relieve the site owner from the responsibility for the condition or damage resulting therefrom, and shall not result in the City of Canton, its officers, employees or agents as being responsible for any condition or damage resulting therefrom.
   (d)   By approving a plan under this chapter, the City of Canton does not accept responsibility for the design, installation and operation and maintenance of private storm water management systems. (Ord. 200-2009. Passed 10-5-09.)