The Water Commission shall consist of the following:
   (a)   Ex Officio Membership. The Superintendent of the Water Department, the Superintendent of the Water Reclamation Facility, the City Engineer, the Health Commissioner and the Director of Public Service are hereby designated as voting members of the Water Commission by virtue of the office held. The President of Canton City Council shall serve as Chairman of the Commission and shall have voting authority only in the event of ties.
   (b)   Appointed Membership. There shall be six (6) appointed voting members, appointed by the Mayor. All appointed members shall be subject to approval by City Council. All appointed members shall be either a resident, or be employed in the city of Canton, and shall possess adequate knowledge of the water and sewer systems of the city. At all times, there shall be at least one appointed member who holds the current and valid designation and licensure of registered professional engineer. All members shall serve without compensation and hold no conflicting office or position.
   (c)   Term.   The term of appointed members is three (3) years, or until a successor is appointed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the initial appointments made to this Commission shall be two members each to one, two and three year terms. The initial appointments will be made jointly and equally by the Mayor and Council President.
   (d)   Removal or Vacancy. An appointed member of the Water Commission may be removed, with or without cause, from the Commission by a three-fourths majority vote of City Council. The creation of a vacancy by removal, or a vacancy for any cause shall, within 30 days be filled in the manner described in subsection (b) above.
      (Ord. 182-2012. Passed 10-29-12.)