(a)   The Director of Public Service is authorized and directed to sell City-owned personal property which in his discretion is deemed no longer needed for municipal purposes, including, but not limited to, City-owned motor vehicles, motor vehicles forfeited to the City by law, and other accumulated personal property and scrap, including, but not limited to scrap water meters, brass and copper and other metals, in accordance with the terms of this section.
   (b)   The Director of Public Service is authorized to contract with a public auctioneer for public auction of the property sold under this section.  Contracts with auctioneers may be obtained without the necessity of public bidding for said services but shall be obtained on the basis of informal bid, at the lowest and best price available.  Sales at public auction shall be to the highest bidder.
   (c)   The Director of Public Service is alternatively authorized to sell property being sold under this section by sealed bid.  Scrap water meters, brass, copper and various scrap metals may be sold by sealed bid by unit lot per pound, or other unit of weight, in the discretion of the Director of Public Service.  Sales by sealed bid shall be to the highest bidder.
   (d)   Sales may be conducted as frequently as necessary in the discretion of the Director of Public Service.  The Director is further authorized to combine assets from various departments, to include departments within other appointing authorities of the City of Canton, in conducting such sales.  Notice of public auctions or the sale of property by sealed bids shall be published not less than two weeks nor more than four consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation within the municipal corporation.
   (e)   Proceeds from the sales of the foregoing property shall be disbursed by the Director of Public Service to the appropriate account depending on the origins of the property being sold.
(Ord. 100-95.  Passed 5-22-95.)