(a)    All City vehicles owned and operated by the City, shall be identified by an oval shaped symbol similar to the design below and of a size to suit the type of vehicle being identified.
   (b)   Exceptions to the use of the Standard City Symbol are the following which shall use identification suitable to their department:
      (1)    Water Division.
      (2)    Police Department.
      (3)    City Detectives.
      (4)    Other departments as designated by the Mayor and/or Board of Control.
   Cars used by the Mayor, Public Service Director, Public Safety Director, City detectives, Court bailiffs and department heads are exempt from the provisions of this section.
   (c)   The Superintendent of the Division of Motor Vehicles shall be charged with the responsibility of identifying all vehicles as provided in this section.
   (d)   Necessary expenditures shall be charged against the proper items of appropriation in the motor vehicle or concerned department fund. The City Auditor is hereby authorized to draw his warrants in payment thereof upon vouchers duly approved by the proper authorities.
(Ord. 253-68. Passed 8-5-68.)