(a)   Annually, on the third Thursday of February, a complete inventory for the previous year of all City property in each department, together with the estimated value of each item of such property, shall be submitted by the head of each department to the Property Officer. This inventory shall then be submitted to the Service Director's office by 12:00 noon on the last Friday of February by the Property Officer. The Service Director shall then submit the inventory to Council by the first Monday in March. After the inventory has been received by Council, the same shall be filed and remain in the office of the City Auditor. A copy of each inventory will be kept by the Property Officer.
   (b)   After the annual inventory has been completed and submitted, each City department shall submit a monthly inventory to be received in the Property Office no later than the fifth of every month for the preceding month. The Property Officer will then submit to the City Auditor a copy of each monthly inventory. (Ord. 308-76. Passed 7-26-76.)