No person shall move any building or frame structure already erected to a new location on the same premises or premises abutting thereto in the event a building permit should have been required at the time of its original construction, until the following provisions have been complied with:
   (a)    An application shall be made to the Building Department for such permission and shall contain a complete description of the size, type and construction of such building or structure which is to be moved, together with complete information showing the exact location on the premises to which such movement is proposed.
   (b)    The Building Department shall then investigate the application to determine whether or not after such movement there will be any violation of the zoning laws or other ordinances pertaining thereto.
   (c)    If the movement conforms thereto and is not in violation of any zoning ordinance or other ordinances, a permit to so move shall be issued.
   (d)    All applications shall be accompanied by the payment of a fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) which shall be retained by the Building Department to cover the cost of the investigation, whether a permit is granted or not. (1964 Code §519.87)