General Provisions
   72.01   Owner responsible for illegal parking
   72.02   Prohibited in certain locations
   72.03   Standing or parking close to curb; angle parking
   72.04   Bus stops and taxicab stands
   72.05   Parking or standing for display or repairs
   72.06   Stopping engine, setting brake when leaving vehicle unattended
Parking Meters
   72.20   Establishment of parking meter zones
   72.21   Hours of operation
   72.22   Installation and designation of parking meter spaces; indications
   72.23   Manner of parking in metered spaces
   72.24   Deposit of coin and operation of meter; depositing slugs
   72.25   Parking beyond time limits
   72.26   Tampering with parking meters
   72.27   Police report of violations; notice
   72.28   Purpose and disposition of funds
   72.29   Suspension of use
   72.30   Compliance required; responsibility of owner and operator
   72.31   Payment of penalty for violation