(A)   As used in this section:
      ANIMAL. Means a nonhuman mammal, bird, reptile, or amphibian, either dead or alive.
      OFFENSE. Means a violation of this section or an attempt, in violation of R.C. § 2923.02, to violate this section.
      OFFICER. Has the same meaning as in R.C. § 959.132.
      SEXUAL CONDUCT. Means either of the following committed for the purpose of sexual gratification:
         (a)   Any act done between a person and animal that involves contact of the penis of one and the vulva of the other, the penis of one and the penis of the other, the penis of one and the anus of the other, the mouth of one and the penis of the other, the mouth of one and the anus of the other, the vulva of one and the vulva of the other, the mouth of one and the vulva of the other, any other contact between a reproductive organ of one and a reproductive organ of the other, or any other insertion of a reproductive organ of one into an orifice of the other;
         (b)   Without a bona fide veterinary or animal husbandry purpose to do so, the insertion, however slight, of any part of a person's body or any instrument, apparatus, or other object into the vaginal, anal, or reproductive opening of an animal.
   (B)   No person shall knowingly engage in sexual conduct with an animal or knowingly possess, sell, or purchase an animal with the intent that it be subjected to sexual conduct.
   (C)   No person shall knowingly organize, promote, aid, or abet in the conduct of an act involving any sexual conduct with an animal.
   (D)   An officer may seize and cause to be impounded at an impounding agency an animal that the officer has probable cause to believe is the subject of an offense. With respect to an animal so seized and impounded, all procedures and requirements that are established in R.C. § 959.132, and all other provisions of that section, apply to the seizure, impoundment, and disposition of the animal. References in R.C. § 959.132 to “section 959.131 of the Revised Code”, “companion animal”, and “offense” shall be construed, respectively, as being references to “§ 90.37 of this Code” and to “animal” and “offense” as defined in this section, for purposes of application under this section only.
(R.C. § 959.21)
   (E)   (1)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree. In addition, the court may order the offender to forfeit the animal or livestock and may provide for its disposition including but not limited to the sale of the animal or livestock. If an animal or livestock is forfeited and sold pursuant to this division, the proceeds from the sale first shall be applied to pay the expenses incurred with regard to the care of the animal from the time it was taken from the custody of the former owner. The balance of the proceeds from the sale, if any, shall be paid to the former owner of the animal.
(R.C. § 959.99(D))
      (2)   If a court has reason to believe that a person who is convicted of or pleads guilty to a violation of this section suffers from a mental or emotional disorder that contributed to the violation, the court may impose as a community control sanction or as a condition of probation a requirement that the offender undergo psychological evaluation or counseling. The court shall order the offender to pay the costs of the evaluation or counseling.
(R.C. § 959.99(E)(7))