(A)   A police officer or animal warden may impound every animal or dog found in violation of § 90.01. If the impounded dog is not wearing a valid registration tag, the dog shall forthwith be turned over to an officer charged by law with the custody and disposal of such dogs. If the dog is wearing a valid registration tag or the identity of the owner or harborer is otherwise established, notice shall immediately be given to such owner or harborer that the dog has been impounded. Notice may be by telephone or by ordinary mail to the last known address of such owner or harborer. The dog shall not be released except upon the payment of reasonable expenses for its taking and keeping. Any dog not redeemed within three days of the time it is seized or impounded may be sold or otherwise disposed of as provided by R.C. § 955.16.
   (B)   A record of all dogs impounded, the disposition of the same, the owner's name and address, if known, and a statement of any costs or receipts involving such dog shall be kept.
(`63 Code, § 505.02)