Administration, Fees, Enforcement and Penalties
1127.01   Administration.
1127.02   Zoning permits required.
1127.03   Contents of application for zoning permit.
1127.04   Approval of zoning permit.
1127.05   Expiration of zoning permit.
1127.06   Certificate of occupancy.
1127.07   Temporary certificate of occupancy.
1127.08   Record of certificate of occupancy.
1127.09   Failure to obtain a zoning permit or certificate of occupancy.
1127.10   Record of zoning permits.
1127.11   Construction and use to be as provided in application, plans, permits.
1127.12   Reserved.
1127.13   Schedule of fees, charges, and expenses.
1127.14   Complaints regarding violations and enforcement.
1127.15   Duties of Law Director.
1127.99   Penalties for violation.