§ 4-169 FLOODWAYS.
   The following provision shall apply to floodways.
   1.   Encroachments, including but not limited to, fill, new construction, substantial improvements and other development are prohibited with the adopted floodway unless it has been demonstrated through hydrologic and hydraulic analyses performed in accordance with standard engineering practice that the proposed encroachment would not result in any increase in flood levels within the city during the occurrence of the base flood discharge.
   2.   If § 4-168 subsection 1. above is satisfied, all new construction and substantial improvements shall comply with all applicable flood hazard reduction provisions of §§ 4-164 through 4-169.
   3.   The city may permit encroachments within the adopted floodway that would result in an increase in base flood elevations, provided that the applicant for the development permit complies with all of 44 C.F.R. § 65.12.