Health and Sanitation; General Provisions
   51.01   Definitions
Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
   51.15   Collection schedule
   51.16   Disposal fees
   51.17   Damaging, molesting or interfering with containers
   51.18   Disposal of refuse
   51.19   Prohibited materials
   51.20   Dumpster policy
Condition of Premises
   51.30   Accumulations on premises or vacant lots prohibited
   51.31   Removal by owners or by town
Charter reference:
   Police powers, see § 18
Statutory reference:
   Inspection warrant for inspecting or testing for toxic substances, see VA Code, §§ 19.2-393 et seq.
   Local contracts for the supply of solid waste to resource recovery facilities, see VA Code, § 10.1-1412
   Local recycling and waste disposal, see VA Code, § 15.2-923
   Municipal garbage and refuse disposal, see VA Code, § 15.2-927
   Prohibiting placement of leaves or grass clippings in landfills, see VA Code, § 15.2-935
   Regulation of garbage and refuse pickup and disposal services, certain local contracts for such services, see VA Code, §§ 15.2-931, 15.2-932, 15.2-930
   Removal of trash, garbage, weeds and the like, see VA Code, § 15.2-901
   Separation of solid waste, see VA Code, § 15.2-937
   Solid waste management facility siting approval, see VA Code, § 15.2-929