10.01   Title of code
   10.02   Rules of interpretation
   10.03   Application to future ordinances
   10.04   Captions
   10.05   Definitions
   10.06   Severability
   10.07   Reference to other sections
   10.08   Reference to offices
   10.09   Errors and omissions
   10.10   Ordinances repealed
   10.11   Ordinances unaffected
   10.12   Effective date of ordinances
   10.13   Repeal or modification of ordinance
   10.14   Ordinances which amend or supplement code
   10.15   Preservation of penalties, offenses, rights and liabilities
   10.16   Adoption of statutes and rules by reference
   10.17   Provisions considered as continuation of existing ordinances
   10.18   Historical notes; editor’s notes and references
   10.19   Supplementation of code
   10.20   Liability of corporations, unincorporated associations or organizations and agents for violations
   10.21   Original jurisdiction of offenses against code
   10.22   Collection of fines and fees
   10.23   Procedure on default in deferred payment or installment payment of fine, costs, forfeiture, restitution or penalty
   10.99   General penalty