The following development standards apply to residential developments with lot sizes less than 5,000 square feet which are approved through Development Agreements or other specific review and do not otherwise have prescribed development standards.
   A.   Uses expressly prohibited.  All uses as set forth is § 20.212.030 of this title.
   B.   Minimum dwelling unit area.  Each dwelling unit  shall have a livable gross floor area of not less than one thousand (1,000) square feet. Computation of gross floor area shall not include the garage square footage.
   C.   Setbacks.  The following minimum standards shall apply:
      1.   The minimum building setback for residential units having side yards on a public or private street shall be eight (8) feet from the property line.
      2.   The minimum building setback for residential units fronting either on a private street, a public street, or a pedestrian access paseo shall be eight (8) feet from the property line.
      3.   The minimum rear and side yard setbacks shall be three (3) feet from the property line.
      4.   All setbacks not addressed in this section shall be as reviewed and interpreted by the City Planner.
   D.   Projections into required yards. Architectural features and projections which are part of the dwelling unit such as eaves, cornices, awnings, chimneys, rain gutters and other similar features may project into setback areas one (1) foot. Projection issues not addressed by this Section shall be as reviewed and interpreted by the City Planner.
   E.   Room additions and expansions.  Proposed room additions and expansions to the main building shall be subject to Plan Review procedures as set forth in § 20.408.040 of the Brea Zoning Ordinance. The Plan Review procedures shall be used to determine that any proposed room addition or expansion to the main building complies with the standards described herein.
   F.   Accessory structures.  Accessory structures incidental to single family detached dwelling units are permitted. These structures include patios, gazebos, arbors, trellis work and other similar structures.  The minimum standards for open accessory structures are as follows:
      1.   All open accessory structures shall maintain a minimum setback of three (3) feet from all property lines. No projections shall extend into this three foot setback.
      2.   All accessory structures detached from the main building shall not exceed fifteen (15) feet in height.
      3.   Setbacks for covered structures shall follow the building setback requirements. For the purpose of this Section, a covered structure shall be defined as "being less than fifty (50) percent open free and clear to the sky."
   G.   Lot coverage.  Each lot shall have a maximum building coverage of sixty (60) percent.
      1.   The dwelling unit, garage, plus any additions and expansions, covered patios, and balconies shall be calculated as lot coverage.
      2.   Open patios, ground level decks, terraces, trellis work and other similar structures intended for outdoor living shall not be included in the lot coverage requirement.
   H.   Property maintenance.  The property shall be maintained as required in § 20.208.040E.1.b., 2.c.,and 3.b.of this title.
(Ord. 998, passed 9-2-97)