All existing and future City-issued forms, documents, and certificates that provide for a gender or sex designation, shall include a non-binary gender identification option, to be marked as "X", that may be selected as gender designation. All forms shall reflect gender inclusion and inclusion of all family structures. All forms shall include an option where an individual may designate their chosen name if different from their legal name.
   The Office of Intergovernmental Relations shall prepare a report for the Council, listing all City forms or documents that require individuals to designate their gender or sex, whether the form has a gender neutral designation option, and whether, if applicable, binary gender designation is required by City, State, or Federal law. This report shall be filed in Council within 60 days of the passage of this ordinance.
(Ord. 2020 c. 8 § 1; Ord. 2022 c. 13 § 1)