General Provisions
   54.001   Operation and funding
   54.002   Definitions
   54.003   Classification
   54.004   Sewer use fees
   54.005   Fees and collections
   54.006   Destruction of property
   54.007   Unlawful deposit of wastes
   54.008   Public sewers required
   54.009   Repairs and maintenance
   54.010   Grease, oil and sand interceptors; when required
   54.011   Preliminary treatment or flow-equalizing facilities; maintenance by owner
   54.012   Control structures/sampling stations; when required; installation and maintenance
   54.013   Control manholes/sampling stations; method
   54.014   Compliance with chapter; inspections generally; injury liability; easements
   54.015   Violations; notice and liability
   54.016   Service to non-residents
Private Sewage Disposal
   54.030   When applicable
   54.031   Permit required
   54.032   Permit, when effective; inspections
   54.033   Specifications
   54.034   Maintenance
   54.035   Additional requirements
Building Sewer Installation
   54.050   Permit required
   54.051   Tap fee; installation expense
   54.052   Single premises
   54.053   Use of existing sewers
   54.054   Construction codes
   54.055   Unlawful connections
   54.056   Excavations
Hazardous and Prohibited Discharges
   54.070   Storm water, surface water, ground water, cooling water and process water
   54.071   Flammable, toxic, corrosive and obstructive substances; preliminary treatment
   54.072   Specific prohibitions as determined by Superintendent
   54.073   Rejection, pretreatment, control of discharge rate or use fee surcharge
   54.074   Special exceptions permitted; use fee surcharge