Administrative Review Procedures
1226.01   Nonconformities in general.
1226.02   Nonconforming lots.
1226.03   Conforming structures and uses on nonconforming lots.
1226.04   Alteration, reconstruction or extension of nonconforming structures.
1226.05   Continuation, expansion, change of nonconforming uses.
1226.06   Zoning certificate required.
1226.07   Application for zoning certificate; plans; contents of certificates.
1226.08   Zoning certificate time limit.
1226.081   Certificates of appropriateness time limit.
1226.09   Building permits.
1226.10   Construction and use to be as provided in zoning certificate.
1226.11   Variances.
1226.12   Conditional uses.
1226.13   Special permits.
1226.14   Amendments.
1226.15   Procedure for amendments and changes in zoning districts.
1226.16   Procedure for approval of a Planned Unit District.
1226.17   Establishment of schedule of fees, charges and expenses; collection procedure.
1226.18   Appeals to Board of Zoning and Planning.
1226.19   Appeals to Council.
1226.20   Violations; equitable remedy.
1226.99   Penalty.