It is hereby declared to be the policy of the City of Berea that municipal officials and employees shall impartially and faithfully exercise their official functions without the influence of private interests and that:
   (a)   Members of Council, officers or employees of the City or members of any board or commission of the City, whether directly or indirectly:
      1.   Shall not be interested in any contract with the City;
      2.   Shall not be interested in any contract, work or service, or in any acquisition by the City of any property, the cost of which is payable from City funds, or in any purchase of any property from the City;
      3.   Shall not have any interest in, other than their fixed compensation and reimbursable expenses, any expenditure of funds by the City;
      4.   Shall not ask, demand or receive any private compensation or reward for the performance of their public duties;
   (b)   No person within a period of one year after termination of his services as a Member of Council, or as an officer or employee of the City or as a member of any board or commission of the City shall accept private employment or receive private compensation for services, whether as attorney, agent or employee, with respect to any matter which was under his charge during the period of such service;
   (c)   Any Member of Council, officer or employee of the City, or member of any board or commission of the City, who has substantial financial interest in any business, firm or corporation affected by any legislation or other matter pending before any City agency of which he is a member or employee, or who has any other substantial private interest in any such legislation or pending matter, shall not vote upon or take any other official action with respect to the legislation or pending matter.
Council shall, by ordinance and upon consideration of any recommendations made by the Board of Ethics, implement and supplement this Item 10 by adopting and amending a code of ethics setting forth standards of conduct for officers and employees of the City, with appropriate provisions for enforcement, including penalties for violation thereof.
   (d)   Each elected official and appointed director shall annually sign a conflict of interest form in substantially similar format as that utilized by the City’s Annual Outside Audit. The City Board of Ethics shall keep this form or a form of their own design on file. 
(Amended 11-7-67; 11-6-01)