Administrative Departments
   The following departments, each headed by a Director appointed by the Mayor, are hereby established by this Charter:
   (a)   Department of Law
   (b)   Department of Public Service
   (c)   Department of Finance
   (d)   Department of Public Safety
   (e)   Department of Recreation and Community Services
   The Council may, upon recommendation of the Mayor, create additional departments by ordinance.  The Mayor shall have the power to combine or reassign divisions within and without departments, and change functions and duties thereof as the public service shall require.
   Each director of a department shall at all times be a qualified elector of the City of Berea, and shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.  No director of a department shall be employed by the City under the terms of an employment contract, and no such contract of employment shall be implied at law or in equity. 
(Amended 11-6-01)