Chap. 901.    General Provisions and Penalty.
Chap. 905.    Animals.
Chap. 907.    Curfew.
Chap. 909.    Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance.
Chap. 911.    Noise Control.
Chap. 913.    Drug Abuse Control.
Chap. 917.    Gambling.
Chap. 918.   Smoking Prohibited at City Meetings and on City Property.
Chap. 919.    Storage and Use of PCB and PCB Devices.
Chap. 921.    Health, Safety and Sanitation.
Chap. 925.    Law Enforcement and Public Office.
Chap. 929.    Liquor Control.
Chap. 931.    Nuisance Abatement.
Chap. 933.    Obscenity and Sex Offenses.
Chap. 937.    Offenses Against Persons.
Chap. 941.    Property Offenses.
Chap. 945.    Theft and Fraud.
Chap. 947.    Waste Materials and Junk.
Chap. 949.    Weapons and Explosives.
Chap. 951.    Fair Housing.
Chap. 953.    Railroads.
Chap. 955.    Graffiti.
      Chap. 957. Illegal Distribution, Use or Permitting Use of Cigarettes,
            Alternative Nicotine Products, Electronic Smoking Devices
            or Other Tobacco Products.