20-1   Unlawful assembly
   20-2   Minors—Furnishing cigarettes, tobacco, etc.
   20-3   Same—Curfew
   20-4   Police dogs; killing, injuring, tormenting, etc.
   20-5   Prostitution
   20-6   Nudity for purpose of entertainment
   20-7   Discharge of firearms or dangerous missiles
   20-8   Selling firearms or weapons restricted
   20-9   Disturbing the peace
   20-10   Maintaining a nuisance
   20-11   Noncompliance with zoning regulations
   20-12   Certain forms of tobacco distribution prohibited
   20-13   Public urination or defecation prohibited
   20-14   Use of certain medians prohibited
   20-15   Failure to appear
   20-16   Horns, signaling devices, drums, radios, phonographs, etc.
   20-17   Yelling, shouting, etc.
   20-18   Exhausts, blowers, defect in vehicle, load, etc.
   20-19   Building construction and repair
   20-20   Pile drivers, hammers, etc.
   20-20.1   Obstruction or interference with ingress or egress, etc.
Statutory reference:
   Crimes and punishment, see Neb. RS 1943, Ch. 28