(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to discharge or cause to be discharged in the city any firearm, bow, machine or mechanism that propels a bullet, arrow, rock, metal sphere, dangerous missile, or other instrument the use of which is intended or likely to cause death or bodily injury.
   (B)   The use of a firearm or other weapon in the following instances shall not be a violation of paragraph (A) of this section:
      (1)   Firearms or other weapons, which discharge blank cartridges that produce a report but do not propel a bullet, dangerous missile or object, that are used for purposes of ceremony, sports, or education;
      (2)   Students participating in courses of instruction or activities organized and supervised by school staff;
      (3)   Patrons and staff using a commercial firing or gunnery range;
      (4)   Participants in a managed hunt or organized archery event approved by the city, state, or a federal agency, provided that the participant has received any appropriate waiver from the city;
      (5)   Law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties; and,
      (6)   A person may discharge a firearm or weapon to defend his or her life or the life of another as permitted under Neb. RS §§ 28-1409 and 28-1410.
(Ord. 2199, § 1, passed 4-12-1982; Ord. 3038, § 1, passed 12-13-1999; Ord. 3531, § 1, passed 9-14-2009; Ord. 3697, § 1, passed 1-22-2013; Ord. 3723, § 1, passed 6-10-2013; Ord. 3810, § 1, passed 5-26-2015)
Editor’s note:
   Ord. 2199, enacted April 12, 1982, did not expressly amend this Code; therefore, inclusion of § 1, as § 20-8, was at the editor’s discretion.