71.01   Parades and processions
   71.02   No passing zones
   71.03   Backing vehicle
   71.04   Driving on sidewalk prohibited
   71.05   Restrictions on nonmotorized conveyances
   71.06   When stopping required
Speed Regulations
   71.25   State laws applicable; exceptions
   71.26   City speed limits
   71.27   Special speed limits
   71.28   Certain variations of speed permitted
Load Restrictions
   71.35   Vehicles to comply with weight limitations
   71.36   Commercial vehicles prohibited from using certain streets
   71.37   Commercial vans and trailers in D-1 and D-7 Districts
   71.38   Weight limit for streets designated "No Trucks"
Turning Movements
   71.45   Turning markers
   71.46   Restricted turn signals
   71.47   Obedience to signs required
   71.48   U-turns prohibited
   71.49   Emergency vehicles exempted from certain provisions
   71.50   Left turns prohibited in certain areas
Traffic Control Devices
   71.51   Light indications of signals
   71.52   Traffic control device, police or flagmen at work sites
   71.53   Flashing red or yellow signal
Traffic Flow on Certain Streets
   71.60   One-way streets
   71.61   Through streets
   71.62   Play streets
Stop or Yield Intersections
   71.70   Posting of signs; obedience thereto
Vehicle Parking and Storage in Residential Areas
   71.80   Findings
   71.81   Regulation of storage or parking of vehicles in residential areas
   71.82   Penalties
Vehicle Parking and Storage on City Streets and Alleys
   71.90   Regulations
   71.91   Penalties
   71.99   Penalty
   Admission of violation and payment of fines to Ordinance Violations Bureau, see Chapter 39