Chap. 701.    Admissions Tax.
      Chap. 703.    Air Pollution.
      Chap. 705.    Auctions and Auctioneers.
      Chap. 707.    Cable Television Commission and Customer Service Regulations.
      Chap. 709.    Carnivals and Circuses.
      Chap. 711.    Day Nurseries.
      Chap. 713.    Enterprises in Public Places.
      Chap. 715.    Going-Out-of Business Sales.
      Chap. 717.    Hotels, Rooming Houses, Foster Homes.
      Chap. 719.    Self-Service Laundry and Dry Cleaning Establishments.
      Chap. 721.    Mechanical Amusement Devices.
      Chap. 723.    Peddlers.
      Chap. 725.    Phosphate and Water Pollution Control.
      Chap. 727.    Fair Housing Policy.
      Chap. 729.    Swimming Pool Operations.
      Chap. 731.    Taxicabs.
      Chap. 733.    Transient Businesses.
      Chap. 735.    Sales of Personal Property.
      Chap. 737.    Snow Plowing and Blowing.
      Chap. 739.    Establishing Outpatient Medical Facilities.
      Chap. 745.    Gasoline and Service Stations.
      Chap. 747.    False Alarms.
      Chap. 749. Sweepstakes Terminal Café.
      Chap. 750. Medical Marijuana Business Regulation.