General Provisions
   70.01   Definitions
   70.02   Compliance with order of police officer
   70.03   Emergency vehicles to proceed cautiously past red or stop signal
   70.04   Exceptions generally; emergency, public safety and coroner vehicles exempt
   70.05   Persons riding or driving animals upon roadways
   70.06   Prohibitions against pedestrians and slow-moving vehicles on freeways
   70.07   Use of private property for vehicular travel
   70.08   Names of persons damaging real property by operation of vehicle to be provided to owner
   70.09   Limited access highways; barriers along; vehicles to enter and leave at designated intersections
   70.10   Through highways
   70.11   Officer may remove ignition key
   70.12   Removal of vehicles after accidents
   70.13   Traffic direction in emergencies; obedience
   70.14   Parades and assemblages
   70.15   Toy vehicles on streets
Traffic-Control Devices
   70.30   Obeying traffic-control devices
   70.31   Signal lights
   70.32   Ambiguous or non-working traffic signals
   70.33   Pedestrian-control signals
   70.34   Unauthorized signs and signals prohibited
   70.35   Alteration, defacement or removal prohibited
   70.36   Unauthorized possession or sale of devices
   70.37   Signal preemption devices; prohibitions
   70.38   Traffic law photo-monitoring devices
   70.39   Authority to regulate local traffic
   70.40   Conformity with state manual
   70.41   Permit required for traffic signal on state route
   70.42   Violations subject to misdemeanor classification
Snow Emergencies
   70.55   Declaration of snow emergencies
   70.56   Classifications of snow emergencies
   70.57   Violations
   70.99   Penalty
   Streets and sidewalks, general regulations, see Chapter 97
   Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, see § 131.09
   Unclaimed and abandoned motor vehicles, see Chapter 98
Statutory reference:
   Local traffic regulations, scope and authority, see R.C. § 4511.07
   Notice of arrest of certain commercial drivers, see R.C. § 5577.14
   Uniform application and precedence of state traffic laws, see R.C. § 4511.06