§ 70.57  VIOLATIONS.
   (A)   Any motor vehicle found parked or standing on those streets or portions hereof designated by the Village Administrator during a snow emergency may be removed and stored upon the order of any duly appointed officer of the Police Department at the expense of the owner of said motor vehicle.
   (B)   The owner of such vehicle removed under the provisions of division (A) of this section shall pay to the Fiscal Officer an amount equal to the cost of removing such parked vehicle from where it was illegally parked, plus the costs of storage of such vehicle after its removal, and such motor vehicle shall not be released to such owner until such costs are paid.
   (C)   If the Village Administrator issues an order restricting non-emergency personnel from using the village streets, operating a motor vehicle during such order is prima facie evidence of misconduct at an emergency which creates the risk of physical harm to persons or property in violation of the code of ordinances of § 132.06 subjecting themselves to arrest had having their vehicle towed and impounded in accordance with § 98.02 of the code of ordinances.
(Ord. 1052-05, passed 4-4-2005)