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   (a)   Spacing and location of fire hydrants shall be as follows:
      (1)   Placed at approximately 350-foot intervals.
      (2)   As close to an intersection as possible with the intermediate fire hydrants properly spaced along the street to meet the distance requirement set forth in division (a) above.
      (3)   Not farther than approximately 350 feet from any part of a commercial, industrial, mercantile, educational, institutional, assembly, hotel or motel occupancy use group, as well as multi-family dwellings, with the exception of two and three family residences.
   (b)   General Regulations.
      (1)   No fire hydrant supply line shall be less than six inches in diameter.
      (2)   Where applicable, supply lines shall be looped, not dead-ended.
      (3)   All costs for the installation of fire mains, fire hydrants and appurtenances are the responsibility of the property owner or developer.
      (4)   All costs associated with the repair and maintenance required for hydrants on private property shall be the responsibility of the owner of such property.
      (5)   All installations shall conform to standards and requirements of the Fire Department and the Municipal Utilities Department.
   (c)   The distances specified in division (a)(1) and (a)(3) above shall be measured along the routes of travel of fire apparatus, or along the route that the fire hose would be laid and shall be as close to the 350-foot rule as practical as determined by the Fire Chief or his or her representative.
(Ord. 66-08. Passed 5-12-08.)