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   (a)   Residential. Every dwelling and accessory structure and every part thereof shall be kept structurally sound and in a state of good repair to avoid safety, health or fire hazards, including:
      (1)   Painting and Other Protective Coating. All exposed surfaces susceptible to decay shall be kept at all times painted or otherwise provided with a protective coating sufficient to prevent deterioration and rot.
      (2)   Exterior Walls, Sidings and Roofs. Exterior walls, sidings and roofs shall be kept structurally sound, in good repair and free from unsafe defects. Damaged materials shall be repaired or replaced. Places showing signs of substantial rot, deterioration or excessive corrosion shall be restored and protected.
   (b)   Nonresidential. The exterior of every structure or accessory structure, including fences, signs and store fronts, shall be kept painted where necessary for purposes of preservation and appearance, surface-coated with a protective coating or treated to prevent rot and decay. All surfaces shall be maintained free of broken windows, crumbling stone or brick, peeling paint or other condition reflective of deterioration or inadequate maintenance to the end that the property itself may be preserved, safety and fire hazards eliminated, and adjoining properties and the immediate neighborhood protected from blighting influences.
(Ord. 175-95. Passed 10-23-95; Ord. 252-00. Passed 11-27-00.)