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   (a)   Generally. Owners or operators of every residential and nonresidential building in the City, and of the premises on which they are situated, used or intended to be used for any use permitted by the Zoning Code, shall comply with the provisions of this Exterior Maintenance Code, whether or not such building has been constructed, altered or repaired before or after the enactment of this Code and irrespective of any permits or licenses which have been issued for the use or occupancy of the building, or for the installation or repair of equipment, or for the initial and continued occupancy and use of all such buildings. This Code does not replace or modify standards otherwise established for the construction, repair, alteration or use of the building, except as provided in subsection (b) hereof. Where there is mixed occupancy, the residential or nonresidential use therein shall be nevertheless regulated by and subject to the provisions of this Code.
   (b)   Conflict of Laws. In any case where the provisions of this Code impose a higher standard than that which is set forth in any other ordinance of the City or the laws of the State, the standard set forth herein shall prevail. If the provisions of this Code impose a lower standard, then the higher standard set forth in any other ordinance or law shall prevail.
   (c)   Issuance and Renewal of Other Permits and Licenses. After the date of enactment hereof, all licenses and permits shall be issued upon compliance with this Code as well as compliance with the ordinances under which such licenses and permits are granted.
   (d)   Enforcement of and Compliance With Other Ordinances. No license or permit or other certification of compliance with this Code shall constitute a defense against any violation of any other ordinance of the City applicable to any structure or premises, nor shall any provision herein relieve any owner, operator or occupant from the duty of complying with any such other provision, nor any official of the City from enforcing any such other provision.
   (e)   Exceptions. Owners of vacant property or lots are excused from compliance with any provision of this Code relating to landscaping, unless such vacant property or lots are located on a developed street or in a developed area.
(Ord. 175-95. Passed 10-23-95; Ord. 252-00. Passed 11-27-00.)