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   A person seeking the issuance of a permit under this chapter shall file an application for such a permit with the Building Inspector, as follows:
   (a)   Form. The application for the moving of a building within, through or from the City shall be made on forms provided by the Building Inspector and shall be filed in the office of the Building Inspector.
   (b)   Contents. The application shall set forth:
      (1)   A description of the building proposed to be moved, giving the street number, construction materials, exterior dimensions and height, number of rooms, condition of the exterior and interior and sufficient structural information so that the Building Inspector may determine that the building, when moved, will comply with the Building Code;
      (2)   A description of the lot from which the building is to be removed, if located in the City;
      (3)   A description of the lot, if located within the City, to which it is proposed that such building be moved, giving the lot, block and tract number;
      (4)   A plot plan showing the proposed location of the building when moved, if the building is to be moved to a location within the City;
   (5)   The highways, streets and alleys over, along or across which the building is proposed to be moved;
   (6)   The proposed moving date and hours;
   (7)   Photographs of all four elevations of the building; and
   (8)   Any additional information which the Building Inspector finds necessary for a thorough inspection of the building and a fair determination of whether or not a permit should be issued.
   (c)   Accompanying Papers.
      (1)   Tax certificate. The owner of the building to be moved, if such building prior to moving is located within the City, shall file with the application sufficient evidence that the building and lot from which it is to be removed are free of encumbrances and that all current taxes and any City current charges or assessments against the same are paid in full.
      (2)   Certificate of ownership or entitlement. The applicant, if other than the owner, shall file with the application a written statement or bill of sale signed by the owner, or other sufficient evidence that he or she is entitled to move the building.
      (3)   Utility consents. Where utility companies supplying services to the City will be affected, the applicant shall file with his or her application suitable letters of clearance of such utility companies consenting to the removal. It is hereby determined that the following utilities will be affected, except when the removal is limited to a relocation on the same or an abutting lot and no portion of any City street will be entered upon:
         A.   Electric (The Illuminating Company);
         B.   Telephone (The Lorain Telephone Company);
         C.   Gas (The Columbia Gas of Ohio Company); Railroads (The Norfolk & Western Railroad Company; only where the moving route crosses tracks);
         D.   Water and sewer (City of Avon Lake).
(Ord. 33-68.  Passed 3-11-68.)
   (d)   Fees. Fees for permits to move buildings shall be as set forth in Chapter 208 of the Administration Code - the General Fee Schedule.